Information Technology (IT) Services

With decades of experience in Information Technology (IT) system and software design, architecture, environments, implementation and maintenance in the Department of Defense Pragmatica Innovation professionals bring extensive experience to any endeavor. We constantly hone our skills, ensure our team actively participates in training, certification, and peer networking in multiple commercial business and military domains.  

Pragmatica offers a wide breadth of IT and strategic solutions, focusing on enterprise services and solutions, cyber security, IT transformation, and data analytics—all underpinned by IT automation and services integration. We are a proven systems integrator whose successful work with the government spans over a decade and provides a full range of scalable information technology services and solutions. We provide mission-critical services to government and commercial customers whose operations depend on high performance, agility, and advanced security. Pragmatica Innovations partners with their customers to support their missions with security-cleared, dedicated, and talented employees who are always ready to deploy where needed.

Information Technology is not a panacea - it is a tool.  We must remind ourselves that people are at the reins.  With new advances constantly emerging in this field it is easy to get lost or left behind.  We have the people that you can trust to hold the reins for you - the customer - and keep you on track.

Information Technology (IT) Capabilities

·   Methodology providing the full lifecycle management of Information Technology

·   Business infrastructure designed through with pragmatic enterprise architecture rigor

·   Cloud-based or on-premise office environment implementation, hosting and management

·   Hosted E-mail in your Office in the Cloud

·   Employee competencies in IT security, IT asset management, Software design, development and deployment

·   Environments as client-server architecture to Software as a Service (SaaS) or hybrid structures

Pragmatica Innovations IT Services

·   Information Technology architecture design for systems from locally managed to cloud-based hybrids

·   Software development from simple applications to complex enterprise level metasystems

 ·   IT vulnerability assessments for security, accessibility and physical solidarity

·   Software Integration from individual applications to enterprise level systems

·   Tier !, II and III technology and software support for Microsoft and UNIX environments

·   Tiered software support for all of our solutions from direct help desk to required enhancements