Enterprise (Content) Information Management ECM/EIM Services

Pragmatica Innovations provides comprehensive Enterprise Content and Information Management ECM/EIM services from solution deployment to optimization with training, mentoring and education.  A complete set of optimized and repeatable methodologies is used for each, providing the maximum investment value.  Customers may choose to engage with Pragmatica Innovations to begin a new program implementation, select services when expanding their enterprise, or blend our professional services with an integration partner.  

Enterprise Content Management (ECM/EIM) Capabilities

·        Pragmatica Innovations Service Model (PrISM) is a robust business management platform designed with optimized enterprise information management features.

·        Optimized and repeatable methodologies for ECM-EIM full lifecycle

·        ISO 9001 implementation knowledge and background for quality compliance

·        Workforce skilled in ECM-EIM methodology and solutions to include SharePoint and PrISM

Pragmatica Innovations’ ECM/EIM Services

      ·         New implementation for multiple types of deployment using our own Data Enabled Enterprise (DE2) Suite, PrISM, SharePoint. Elements Repository or any blended solution.

·         Pragmatica Innovations ECM-EIM mentoring, training and education

·                 ·         Comprehensive lifecycle management of information from creation through archival or disposal

·                  ·         Custom development for modeling, metamodeling, tools use, scenario development, reporting, workflow, policy implementation, business intelligence and specialized data collection.

·                  ·         Enhancement or optimization of a current solution using our unique model driven approach