Pragmatica Innovations provides a complete set of solutions focused on enabling your enterprise with data to make informed decisions. We work with every customer and partner to ensure their self-sufficiency while leveraging our DE2 suite of products to optimize your organization. Customers can choose from:

Pragmatica Innovations Service Model (PrISM) business management platform (Product website)  The utility & flexibility of Microsoft SharePoint coupled with Pragmatica Innovations Service Model make PriSM a rapidly extensible enterprise solution. Full spectrum implementation of our flagship solution hosted in our cloud environment.

Data Enabled Enterprise Modeler (DE2M) Standard or Enterprise (Product website)

The utility & flexibility of Microsoft Visio, coupled with relational database power, enabled by the extensibility of DE2 Repository make DE2M the ultimate enterprise modeling solution. (Lite and Standard versions use MS Access only.)

Data Enabled Enterprise (DE2) Repository (Product website)
Fully web-enabled, enterprise level repository for visualization, rapid analysis and optimization. All aspects of the repository are easily configurable and can mature at the pace of your enterprise.

Visio Stencil Sets
A variety of Microsoft Visio stencils ‘data enabled’ for DE2M are available or can be custom built to your design.

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