Enterprise Architecture (EA) Services

Pragmatica Innovations are subject matter experts in Enterprise Architecture (EA) methods, frameworks, environments and implementations in the Department of Defense. We anticipated the evolution of enterprise architecture from an information technology centric discipline to an integrated business and information framework.  We are guided by the belief that enterprise architecture must be more than a static product, but be operational to provide scope, context and guidance to a company’s direction.  Architecture provides a allowing it to align its resources efficiently in the conduct and maintenance of its business units.  The value lies in reuse and collaboration across business lines, commands, disciplines, and teams. 

Pragmatica Innovations stresses that there is a balance between the academic and the pragmatic development of architecture. Architecture must be able to engage organizations that are in a constant state of change.  Architecture development must occur in the present and be able to adapt to the pressures to capture imperfect and incomplete information rapidly and organize it through a framework to determine, what information is germane to the problem, what elements are changing and where architecture development provides valuable information to decision makers.  By quickly developing architecture that reveals the business part by part, the whole enterprise reveals itself in context.  Pragmatica Innovations has consistently stressed architecture development as a discovery process focused on real-time problems.  Our architects are more than “documenters”, they are interpreters who understand the problem and seek those architecture elements that support the decision at hand.   The architecture delivered is focused, efficient and manageable and communicates to individuals at all levels.  Our team believes that successful architecture projects require education, engagement, and development of a sense of ownership by the customer’s organization. 

Pragmatica Innovations does not just build architecture – we teach architecture development and use our products as a decision support system in resource allocation, business operations improvement, portfolio management and workforce education.