Pragmatica Innovations offers a diverse array of information to enable our partner's success. We break our offerings into three primary categories as Services, Products and Solutions.  Services are defined as work that is provided independent of a product or solution. We have a set of complementary products that can be bundled with our services to provide amalgamated offerings in a comprehensive solution package.

Our current product offerings focused on enabling your enterprise with data to make informed decisions. We work with every customer and partner to ensure their self-sufficiency while leveraging our DE2 suite of products to optimize your organization. Product Overview PDF

Pragmatica Innovations offers a wide variety of services that address all aspects of your enterprise - from strategy to execution. Service Overview PDF

The 42 way underpins and enables our product line while guiding the execution of our business at all levels.

White Papers 

Pragmatica Innovations has coupled Microsoft Visio® with a full featured repository backed with an Microsoft SQL Server® database enabling a robust online work environment while elevating a popular graphical tool to an enterprise level modeling solution. This solution provides exceptional analysis and visualization of information across multiple diagrams and projects. Immediate cost benefits can be realized as any significant investments in Visio training and diagrams are preserved. Pragmatica Innovations Whitepaper - The World is Flat

Pragmatica Innovations Service Model (PrISM) structures the traditional business back office as seven core service areas representing uniquely named functions ordered by color for quick identification and training.  PriSM goes beyond the physical world to enable your office in the cloud. Its structure and organization is replicated online in a collaborative platform that supports better communication, storage, and process for your business. The back office revealed through the ‘lens’ of PrISM is ordered, organized and optimized. Pragmatica Innovations WhitePaper - The Structure of Success

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