Pragmatica Innovations Service Model (PrISM)     

The utility & flexibility of Microsoft SharePoint coupled with Pragmatica Innovations Service Model make PriSM a rapidly extensible enterprise solution. PriSM is one segment of Pragmatica Innovation’s suite of solutions that connect data to decisions based on real-time content. Every day businesses are formed (or old ones are changed) and they function successfully for some time. Over time the dynamics of people, process, technology and information increase in complexity and become obstacles to progress. Many look to technology alone to solve this complexity when a sustainable solution must begin with structure that is then enabled by technology. Pragmatica Innovations leverages the structure of our full spectrum back office service model that includes all the elements required to operate a business. From the organization to the systems and facilities that enable it to an integrated enterprise information management (EIM) and collaboration (ECM) platform - Microsoft SharePoint. We provide easy to use folders and document templates for structuring your back office to bridge from the physical world of file cabinets to the digital world of computer technology. Our coloring scheme makes it easy and quick to learn the service model which reduces time and expense to locate and retrieve information and new employees come up to speed faster thereby increasing your company's productivity. Hosted or on-premises version – let us help you find the right solution for your business.

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